They say that Savasana, or “Corpse Pose”, is one of the most difficult pose in Yoga. I can attest to that.

Even though its literally laying on the floor, relaxing your body and breathing, I can’t help but feel restless despite knowing how restorative and beneficial the practise is for my mind and body.

Pre-COVID times after doing Bikram Yoga, when the heaters were finally switched off and the Instructor mercifully opened the door to let a cool breeze enter the sweltering room, Savasana should have been a moment of euphoria to prolong as much as possible — the reward…

I’ve always been a big fan of Cheesecake, but every time I’ve tried it in Germany, I always felt it tasted…slightly off.

Instead of the expected mouth orgasm that comes from the combination of dense, rich cream cheese filling coating your tongue and crunchy goodness from the biscuit base, I was left feeling dissatisfied. That’s it? that’s all you’re going to give me? Literally blue balls in your mouth.

Each bite just breaks apart into nothing like an egg pudding. The taste is sweet, but overpowered by sour undertones and it feels like I’m eating baked yoghurt. Don’t even get…

You learn so much more from fucking something up or when things don’t go as planned.

It forces you out of auto-pilot and into a state of self-reflection — What went wrong? How can I move on from this?

Failures and setbacks are the real lessons in life to draw and learn from. So why do we try to avoid them at all costs?

Even the greatest fail at times.

Serena Williams lost in the 1st round of a grand slam at the 2012 French Open after winning 13 grand slams. …

Next time you find yourself scrolling through someone’s Instagram feed and feeling envious of their ‘perfect’ lifestyle, it would do your mental health a whole lot of good to realise that its not a true reflection of someone’s life — no one is THAT happy!

Even the most novice user quickly learns to curate and share only the best bits of their lives.

At its most innocuous, its a happy snap capturing a genuinely happy moment whilst on holidays or amongst a good time out with friends or family. …

I’ve come to the realisation that after achieving ‘success’, however you define it — nothing much changes.

Life doesn’t suddenly become perfect, your worries don’t just disappear and your shit doesn’t suddenly smell like roses.

After the fleeting feeling of being on top of the world, life pretty much goes back to normal.

My first realisation of this was attending a girlfriend’s fairytale wedding. Everything was perfect — she looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle with an omnipresent glow. …

How many times have I grappled with this self belief that it overtook my mind and destroyed what little sense of self-worth I may have been holding on to at the time. Down the rabbit hole of endless rumination, replaying scenarios in my head over and over again like a broken record, berating myself for my own perceived sense of failure.

I used to think this was a necessary evil in becoming successful. I’d analyse failures like a coach scrutinising a game plan, to make sure that I don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future. …

Some people go travelling to see the main tourist landmarks and museums, but I make sure I go and visit to the local supermarket.

I think you can learn a lot about the local culture from their supermarkets.

I was in for a rude culture-shock during my first visit to ALDI in Germany — no small talk, barely any eye contact, get in and get out! I’ll always remember the first time feeling bamboozled, as I frantically tried to pack my bags as the items literally came hurling down the conveyor belt, as if the Cashier was trying to beat…

They say to survive this pandemic, we need to learn how to practise mindfulness — be grateful for today because you don’t know what tomorrow holds.

But there is only so much mindfulness, meditation, journalling one can do — humans are hard-wired to be future oriented and a balance must be struck between living in the present and dreaming about the future. Imagine if there was no vaccine or end date to Corona — would one still be able to maintain an optimistic outlook or would things dissolve into anarchy?

Think about it — expectation is the foundation of being…

When I was younger, I would spend hours upon hours drawing in my room, letting my imagination run wild.
There was a never-ending narrative in my head, pouring out onto the paper in front of me.
I would never tire of it. When the day was over, I was ready to pick up my pencil and do it all over again the next day.
I was proud of my natural talents, thinking it could never be taken away from me.
How naive I was.
After university, I stopped drawing. When I look back, there seemed to be many justifiable reasons.
I had just moved interstate…

I’ve used to be scared of travelling alone.

Aren’t holidays supposed to be enjoyed with friends, family and partners?

Countries where you have friends that you can meet up with don’t count — I’m talking about places where you have no social connections to rely on.

I think fear of being alone is what stops a lot of people from doing it. Will I be able to spend days on end in my own company? Will I be embarrassed requesting a table for one? Who will validate my choices on the trip?

Luckily, I’m fortunate to be able to challenge…

Raymond Ho

Australian Born Chinese Marketing Professional, living abroad. Living through my very own 'Eat, Pray, Love' journey

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